Wheelchair Accessories are useful additions to those who find themselves immobile, need to use a wheelchair on certain occasions or for wherever you go out and about.

Wheelchair Accessories are handy for yourself and if someone is pushing the wheelchair to have access to anything from a drink, umbrella, additional bag and Wheelchair Accessories can keep things and ‘stuff’ close by.

Wheelchair Accessories For Essential Add Ons

There are a multitude of Wheelchair Accessories like, Wheelchair Tables, Flip Away Half Lap Trays, Drink-Aides and drink holders, walking stick and crutch brackets and safety straps that will give your wheel chair more mod cons than James Bond.

It’s also possible to now buy an oxygen bag for the rear of wheelchair. Wheelchair accessories are built with the wheelchair bound in mind, comfort, easy access and lightweight are the order of all all accessories for wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Accessories For Storage And Weather

For years it was a problem using a wheelchair in the rain but new wheelchair accessories on the market make it easier to attach an umbrella to the wheelchair using a Wheelybrella. Wheelybrellas are designed to attack to the majority of wheelchair frames.

Carrying luggage is often a problem when with a wheelchair but not anymore with pockets and racks galore. A wheelchair side pouch can be attached, as well as a wheelchair bag for the back and an under seat bag for the underside of the wheelchair.

Wheelchair Accessories For Comfort

Being wheelchair bound or sitting in a wheelchair for hours on end is an experience that most people will never encounter, however for those that do they soon realise why wheelchair accessories such as a Fleece Wheelchair Seat and Back Cover become essential tools for comfort.

Wheelchair Accessories such as Wheelchair Armrests are another added comfort, alongside Pushing Gloves – padded and durable they will leave your hands without sores and make wheel pushing easier.


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