Mate X raises $10 million for its foldable electric bike

Something that has taken the lead in the market is the electronic bikes. This has been sweeping the world by its feet. There are docked as well as dockless features which are available for rent. some of the recent success stories, acquisitions, investments have been made in the fast-growing Marketplace of electric vehicles. The company behind the largest growing crowdfunding campaign has hit a milestone with the most successful campaign ever.

Mate X electric Bike


This campaign has already been backed by 10 million dollars, which is more than 20000 % of the company’s original goal, this company offers a sizeable improvement on the design of the folding bike. Everything here is pretty obvious, there are car trips which are less than a mile and still had a part up to 10 million miles per year according to the 2019 survey of the national household transportation survey.

According to TPA, if driving population of USA shows the half of the trips with feet instead of Petroleum, about $75 million fuel will be saved which is approximately 2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.
When using Electric bikes for the Journeys, this still comes at a cost and we still need to produce electric power in order to charge them up, but, the ecological savings are massive. So you must be wondering, how this company has been able to improve the original model.

Not only the electric bike is folding so that you can carry it anywhere, be it on a plane, a train, Eka, but the new model also comes with a screen which is LCD and operating large screen at that. This will inform the person who is riding the bike about the remaining battery as well as the speed at which the person is traveling. The backers of this project can upgrade the color display if they want to.


Similar to the original mate, the USB charger will help your device stay alive and the backers can also customize the bike by using the puncture resistant, fat tires from the option known as big daddy that allows for an off-road adventure or something from the sandstorm package for day-to-day city use.

This bike comes along with a 48 volts lithium ion battery that will offer the people the travel range up to 40 to 60 miles on the one charge itself. This bike will come in a matte black color, white ice, burnt orange, and many other colors. There will also be a unicorn edition coating which is perfect for people who are working in Silicon Valley.

If we could explain this project in one word, it is an extreme project. Said the chief co-founder of this company.

Adel Michael said: “After founding Mate.Bike, we saw the potential to take ebikes and cycling to the next level. It’s not just about bikes after all; this is about allowing people the freedom to live as extreme and as freely as possible.”

“Coming from Copenhagen, we know biking makes a difference in our everyday life,” said co-founder and chief purpose officer Julie Kronstrøm. “Our dream is to get more people biking. We pride ourselves on delivering a practical and cool means of transportation that is healthy, affordable, and part of the solution to pollution problems and traffic congestion. There is no greater feeling than knowing not only are you helping the environment live healthily, but riders experience a healthier, freer way of life.

The starting price for this bike is 699 Dollars and cheaper than most of the bikes around.

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