Shameful Scenes From de Blasio’s Crackdown on Delivery Workers Who Use Electric Bikes

There are a number of shameful things happening around the world but this is one of the things which you might not get to see anywhere else that is confiscation of electronic bikes which was no 3rd to anyone around the world.

According to the mayor of Blasio’s, the crackdown on Electrical bikes is in effect. The NYPD is boasting about confiscating the bikes from the workers who are trying to deliver and do something good in the name of vision zero, even though there is no evidence that they are posing a threat to the public safety.

Shameful Scenes

They also tweeted a photo of the bikes which were seized. That we eat said that it was a successful vision zero initiative by our officers. Today morning, the 108th precinct officers taking the electronic bikes which were parked and electronic scooters from the streets and sidewalks in the long island city.


Midtown house was bragging about the vision zero safety initiative and was bragging about how all the electronic bikes world ceased that it was deleted a while after. Last week, transportation alternative queens organizer and biking public project co-founder posted a photo of a bike sting at First Avenue, where the officers were collecting bikes as the delivery workers were Riding in their bike lane.

There are a good amount of delivery workers who are old and need electronic bikes in order to meet the demands of the job. The worst thing about this is that there is no data which prove that it is necessary to operate on vision 0. The information which is actually available suggests that electronic bikes are kind of nonexistent on the bad side.


There are statistics which say that electronic bike riders are involved with injuries but there are our other bikes which are responsible for the cause and everything has been blundered by these people.

Do Lee says: In NYC, cyclist-caused injuries comprise only a tiny fraction of all traffic-related injuries — in 2016 for example, cyclists caused only about half of one percent (0.5% or 311 of 60,399) of all traffic injuries. Thus e-bike riders as a fraction of this number are simply not causing a high rate of injuries.

It is fully legal to own an electronic bike in the town, but it is illegal to ride an electric bike. This is a weird law and rather than ignoring this law, or working to get modified the mayor of the city instead chose to create an example of people who rely on electrical bikes in order to support their families, the mayor charges them with a hefty fine instead.

Do Lee Says: Jiang, a Chinese delivery worker, told us that delivery workers used to be primarily scared of being robbed. Now he says, “We get scared when we see the police — fear in the heart. Every ticket is $500. Receiving two tickets, one month’s work goes down the drain.”

While the police are targeting the wrong people, people on bikes are facing the real mortal threat on New York streets.

We hope that stupid thing of a law changes and people can ride the electric bicycles in peace again. This is something which is totally unnecessary.

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